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The Mummy

Generally it is more interesting for the people to gather information about their favorite actor movie which is going to be released soon. In that list people who love to see an action and adventure combination which also remains as fantasy the movie “The Mummy” which is going to be released in 9th of June in 2017 in USA. The story of the movie starts when an ancient princess is waked from her crypt beneath the desert, bringing her malevolence grown over millennia, the movie actually terrify the human comprehension. You can watch this movie on Ovoo TV.

The mummy

The whole movie is directed by Alex kurtzman and written by Jon Spaints and Christopher Mc Quarrie. The star casts in the movie are Sofia Boutella as Ahmanet, Tom cruise as Nick Morton and Russell crowse as Dr. Henry Jekyl. This movie is tagged as welcome to new world of gods and monsters and the movie trailer are released in their official Facebook. The mummy movie is also known as untitled Mummy reboot and most of the film is directed in oxford, oxford shire, England and UK.

The production of movie is done by Sean Daniel Company, Secret Hideout, and Universal Pictures and it is released with universal pictures. When we look to the technical specs the sound mix of the movie is made with Dolby digital with 2.35 of ratio aspects. The most questions commented by the fans will Brendan Fraser return as O’Connell as like previous series release or the ultimate mummy reboot is going to be an new casting? Since there is no relation with those previous film the movie going to is a new cast.


The transformer movie made lots of fan and remains to be top in the hit list thus it is made easy for the transformer lovers to know about its latest upcoming movie “Transformers: The Last Knight” which is planned to released in 23rd of June 2017. The movie streaming prime trailer video is uploaded in YouTube and the movie is action bluster directed by Michael bay written by Art Marcum and matt Holloway. The movie is made more popular and curious mainly because of the star cast Mark Wahlberg as cade yeager, Gemma chan as quintessa, Anthony Hopkins as Sir Edmund Burton, and John Goodman as a voice for Hound character.

The movie makes a vital play in Human and Transformers are at war, optimum prime is gone. The key to serve the world and future lies buried in the secrets of the past hidden history of transformer. The movie is made with post production which has been finished in 15th October of last year. The story line of the movie starts in home planet optimum prime, cyberton is a current dead planet from which he has responsible for killing and to find a artifact which on the earth to make the planet back to life.

The movie is tagged as “rethink your heroes” and known as transformer – 5 many of scenes in the movie were filmed in north east of England. This movie is considered to be a second Hollywood movie to be shot in Cuba after fast and furious coincidently tyrese has major role in both film.

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